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I will teach you how to play the piano without tension. You will learn to play in a free-following and natural way. I will enable you to reach your full potential, and you will achieve this while developing your own personal style.

I can especially recommend my teaching method to professional pianists. My system will release you from the stiffness that you experience when playing, thus improving your technique.

You will feel relaxed, enabling your fingers to move precisely and effortlessly across the keyboard.

From my teaching, you may expect...

  • to learn to play according to your individual physical disposition. You will feel comfortable and at ease, enabling to play fluently and without any stiffness or pain

  • to achieve a greater flexibility and elasticity of the hands enabling you to refine your technique also new ideas for fingerings

  • to develop your knowledge, individual sensibility and talent for music

  • to improve the quality, richness and variety of sound in your playing

  • to realise your full potential as a Pianist

  • to study the “18 Piano Exercises” of Peter Feuchtwanger

Lessons can be tailored to individual requirements. Regular sessions are recommended, but occasional or project-related instruction can be accommodated by request.

Interested? Contact me.

As a supplement to your studies…

Often the causes of technical difficulties lie in a stiff finger position, unfavorable posture or physical and psychological tension, which arise partly from habit, partly from pressure to perform.
I can help those pianists who, despite their good disposition, are inhibited in their pianistic development by teaching an individually adapted, efficient practice method.


„Masako is a phenomenal piano teacher. She adjusts to my needs and goals and I know I am getting world class training. I’m lucky I found her!“

Sebastian Baverstam (Boston/USA)

Composer, Pianist, Cellist

„I have a deep admiration of Masako´s work not only as a concert pianist but as a great teacher. Masako´s work has the pure essence of Feuchtwanger´s technique: easiness and grace are always connected to music. … She taught me how to make my fingers flexible without losing any control over the keys which not only gave me greater freedom of my body but a flexible state of mind…“

Yair Z. (Mexico City/Mexico)

Actor, Piano teacher

„Masako Kamikawa is a devoted and committed teacher. She is attentive and observant of her pupils needs. Her advice is concise, detailed and practical. To work with her on Feuchtwanger´s exercises was of a great benefit, and a great pleasure for me.“

Elisabeth Hofer (Winterthur/Swiss)

Music pedagogue, Concert pianist, Music physiologist

„Masako has a very special way of teaching, her patience and joy of teaching make it possible to understand and learn to play any piece on the piano. Thank you Masako.
As a pedagogue you are unique, you will always be in our hearts.“

Dani D. (Bogota/Columbia)

piano student of the Moscow Conservatory

„I first saw Masako´s perform at a concert in London. She is able to play Peters Feuchtwanger´s challenging pieces better than anyone, which made me eager to learn from her. Since then I have been fortunate enough to have a number of lessons with Masako and she was able to very quickly identify and help me resolve a technical obstacle in my playing.“

Patrick McCann (UK)

Pianist, Piano teacher

„…I would particularly like to emphasise the clarity of Masako´s advice. She has taken my piano playing to another level, technically and artistically. As a tutor for the Feuchtwanger technique she is absolutely outstanding.“

Johannes Koppenhoefer (Germany)

CEO, Pianist

Piano Workshops

Peter Feuchtwanger´s Piano Exercises

Language: English, Deutsch, 日本語

Playing the piano at ease – a natural and efficient technique. Feuchtwanger´s technique is a scientific functional natural way of piano playing. It helps you to release you from tension.

These 18 basic-exercises will improve your posture and enable you to resolve problems related to unnecessary tension.
Peter Feuchtwanger talked not of a new method, but of an intuitive, innate approach.
I can recommend it especially for piano teachers and advanced / professional  pianists, who are seeking for new methods or have some physical issues.

This Workshop will help you...

  • to play naturally, with a relaxed and efficient technique
  • to improve the flexibility and elasticity of your hands
  • to release physical and psychological impediments
  • to enhance the quality of your sound

Please also watch my Peter Feuchtwanger´s piano technique series here (youtube-link).

If you wish to organise a workshop for your group or institution, please contact me.


Feuchtwanger´s piano teaching

Feuchtwanger´s piano teaching is not concerned solely with technique but also with the holistic elements of the art of piano playing. A solid posture during the performance, playing at ease, inner hearing, an efficient action of the hands and arms, to vary the tempo, without losing the natural rhythm.
These technical, musical and mental elements interweave to enable a deeper understanding and meaning than if looked at individually creating a more rounded pianist.The system is based on regarding the piano as not merely a percussive instrument, but as a stringed instrument.
The skill of piano playing is not just hitting notes on a keyboard, but the mastery of using the keys to vibrate the strings in the instrument to realise the desired sound.
It is not easy to explain this complex system in a few words. We can try to approach to it from two points of view, one physical and the other mental:

  • Of paramount importance is a good posture. This will allow you to play each note naturally, expressively and effectively, with the correct amount of pressure, and without tension.
  • The mental approach ensures you will be aware of the quality of the sound you produce. You will learn to play with creativity and imagination whilst anticipating the upcoming passages.

Thus the ideal attitude of a pianist is a clear, alert mind with an awareness of the music and a relaxed body, which is ready and able to respond at all times. The action of the hand should be elastic, free and efficient without unnecessary movement. Each sequence of movements of hand and arm should be generated by a single impulse and flow.
Feuchtwanger saw this ideal in the pianist Clara Haskil. Though she was a true virtuoso, she had a reserved and modest personality, and her playing had an exceptional warm, natural and emotional quality!

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